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Assessing The Ability of Cock Fighting Assessing The Ability of Cock Fighting

Assessing The Ability of Cock Fighting – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, following assessing the ability of cockfighting fights.

How to Assess the Ability of Bangkok Fighting Cock Fighting

When buying a new fighting chicken, we must be careful and careful in choosing the Bangkok chicken that we will buy. We must be able to predict and assess the ability of the chicken to be purchased so that the amount of money we spend can be comparable to its toughness when fighting.

Although assessing the quality of a cockfighting can be done by simply holding the shape of the chicken’s body or looking at the physical characteristics of the customer, in general chicken hobbyists – even botohs, will not be satisfied if they have not seen how the chicken fighting style is when being pitted. Trying to tuck a chicken is accurate proof and justification for the predictions we make in assessing the ability of chickens.

As for when pitting chickens to assess fighting ability, we must pay attention to several things as an indicator of the quality of the chickens to be purchased. The following are the indicators.

1. Movement Agility

Agile movements will make it easier for the chicken to maneuver attacks and avoid opponent punches. The more agile the chicken when fighting, the better the quality. Watch the movements of the chickens at the beginning of the match and at the end of the match, then differentiate them. If he is only agile at the beginning, it can be said that the chicken has bad stamina.

2. Control Ability

Control ability is the ability of the chicken to deal with the opponent’s punches with minimal movement. When launching an attack, a chicken with good control does not rush into punching. He will avoid releasing wasted blows that miss the target. Chickens with good control will use their time and energy as effectively as possible in controlling and carrying out clean, targeted, and accurate attacks.

3. The ability to deflect attacks

Chickens that are not good usually can fend off attacks. However, a good chicken will not be spurred by the opponent in the message. The speed of movement makes it easier for the chicken to deflect attacks and avoid dangerous attacks from the opponent.

Usually on orders, the chicken will let its opponent attack first. Armed with a long body and a neck that can bend backwards, the opponent’s leg does not enter the body of the chicken, only falls in front of the head. While making a square, the head of the chicken is pulled back to avoid the attack and a moment later it hits the opponent who was about to land. Usually the impact is so bad that the opponent will fall or be in a very soft position to be beaten.

4. Receiving a hit

As well as fending off attacks during a call, a good chicken is usually willing to take a hit without feeling it. This is done in preparation for the moment before counterattacking. The counterattack was shocking and could not be repelled. Usually the opponent will be overwhelmed when he gets an attack like this.

5. Accuracy of Punch

In assessing the ability of cockfighting when being pitted, it is also necessary to look at the cleanliness of the chicken blows. This is usually known from the sound of the collision that occurs. If the sound is noisy, the hit is inaccurate and non-lethal. Meanwhile, if his single voice resembles the sound of breaking bamboo, the hit means entering or hitting the target. This blow would cause excruciating pain. If blows like this happen repeatedly, your opponent will quickly lose. These clean hitting chickens are the good ones.

6. Counterattack

Usually after being attacked, a champion quality chicken will immediately respond without giving the opponent a chance to get ready. Even better, the more it hurts, the louder and more violent the chicken is in retaliating against

7. Fighting for Position

The way the chickens fight for position also needs to be considered.However, a good chicken will always win the fight for an attacking position, can be pushed around the opponent quickly, break between the legs and then emerge from behind the opponent, slip under the opponent’s wing, and so on. what came out was urgent, then ngalung (key hit), and launched an oblique attack attack without being anticipated

8. Sharpness of spurs

Trying the chicken with spurs is done to sharpen the spurs, whether they immediately hit the target vitally or not. If only hit by the neck, the chicken will not quickly finish the fight. However, if it is the eyes or nerves behind the eyes or around the nape, the fight will be over quickly.

So, these are some of the criteria that need to be considered in assessing the ability of chickens when tested for combat. Be it movement, control, position fighting techniques, to the accuracy of your punches, you have to consider all of them when choosing which chicken has the best quality.